Udaari Episode 10 HD Full Drama 12 June 2016

The drama emphasis on two close neighbours, Sheedan (Bushra Ansari) and Sajida (Samiya Mumtaz)

Sheedan is married to Maajid (Rehan Sheikh), having one daughter named Meera (Urwa Hocane) and a son named Jaze. Sajida is the widow of Pervaiz and has a daughter, Zebo (Areesha). Sheedan and her family are local musicians, singing and entertaining people at weddings. Thus, they are not well-respected in the community.

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Jhoot Episode 7 Full HD Drama 24 June 2016

The story is of Saleha (Bushra Ansari) whose life is stubborn. She has a son Waqar (Kamran Jeelani) and a daughter Zara (Mansha Pasha). Saleha has a sister and a brother. Her husband lives abroad and is thought that they both were fighten. Her sister has a daughter Farah while her brother has daughter, Maryam. Because if Zara’s beauty, people like her and think her suitable for their son. Including her friend Rasheeda, who helps her to suggests her some spouses of her children. Sadaf (Mira Sethi) suddenly falls in love with Waqar and wants to marry him.

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